Blossom this Winter

This December let us talk about faults and forgiveness, and the grey area in between. Being at fault is easy. We all make mistakes, every single day of our life. Forgiveness requires a bit of courage, patience and a whole lot of goodness in the one who chooses to forgive. Mind you, I said chooses … [Read more…]

Not One Home

“Where are you from?” Does this question ring bells in your ears and makes your heart pound because you do not know how exactly to answer this question and not sound straight out of one of those fictions. If such is your case, you have my sympathy. People have constantly asked where I was from. … [Read more…]

Letter to my Son

[On her son’s birthday while he was in college, she wrote him a letter. Today, on his 50th birthday, he reminisced the last 33 years and how those words had made him what he was. That was the best gift his mom had given him.]   Dear Son, Happy Birthday! Hope you liked the presents. … [Read more…]