1. Neetika

    “Preferred during summers and loved during winters!” Wonderfully written!! Every moment captured in a way that it remains fresh in memory for years! How could you forget, “Bandar toh Himachal ke aabhushan hai.” 🙂
    A wonderful trip it was…peace to the heart in the lap of mountains, quality time in the company of loved ones and memories to be recollected for lifetime. Waiting eagerly for the next ‘sudden unplanned trip’. 🙂

  2. Abhishek

    This writeup brought a lot of memories back to life…
    ‘n’ no of rides to my second home Himachal and a few occasional stops at the concrete jungle Shimla. Memories of Himachal are always refreshed when I read something or the other about the mountains. But this is the only time when someone made me remember the so called Concrete jungle Shimla city the way I see it.

    Brilliantly written article Yashasvi….Keep writing (yes this is a humble request) 🙂

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