Well, What Could I Say!

Yashasvi Singh, What can I say?

The fear of reprisal is keeping all mean thoughts at bay.

But I will say this,

For the past few days, I’ve been laughing quite hard

Thinking about some poor guy,

Who got taken in by her ‘nice girl’ façade.

Anyone who thinks that she looks so decent and nice,

Deserves to be hit on the back of his head thrice

Cause even though she is only four feet tall,

And needs only half ticket in cinema hall,

Cause even though she looks nice and homely,

Well-dressed always, hair is combley,

She is the most dangerous mini-woman you’ll ever meet,

Capable of making anyone bow before her tiny feet.

The world’s most fierce mini-feminist she is,

A pseudo-intellectual, legal wiz.

She believes in empowering women at the cost of men,

Humiliating men, again and again and again.

A man-eater in every sense of the word,

Believes that all men must be killed for women to be heard.

So when this pint sized warrior decided to leave,

A collective sign of relief all men at Clasis Law heave.


~Thanks Adhiraj for this precious piece…and more coz you had the guts to write it! Revenge shall be taken, though in a different form :P~