Blossom this Winter

This December let us talk about faults and forgiveness, and the grey area in between. Being at fault is easy. We all make mistakes, every single day of our life. Forgiveness requires a bit of courage, patience and a whole lot of goodness in the one who chooses to forgive. Mind you, I said chooses to forgive rather than opting to ignore. Forgetting or ignoring isn’t a good idea. Why? Because if you do not let your feelings known, chances are the mistake would be committed again and again without the person at the other end realizing how it hurts you. All this isn’t nuclear physics, right?

But, my dear, what do you do when you know the fault wasn’t big enough and you’ve remained hurt for longer than required? Or when you want to forgive but something within keeps you from doing so? Or when you have forgiven but don’t want the other person to know that you have? What do you do in such situations? More importantly, why do such situations arise in the first place? Why at times it is easier to forget than to forgive? I keep wondering why are we so complicated when we could be simpler.

I do not wish to raise questions and force answers down your throat. Because as smart as we think ourselves to be, there are no black and white answers for every question that is raised. And before we proceed, did these questions ring a bell inside your head? Did a particular face or situation come before your eyes out of the blue? Is there some burden you want to get rid of? Why haven’t you been able to do so till now? What is it that is stopping you?

From my experience, most of these situations arise either because of communication gaps or overdose. Why? Because when you don’t talk or talk it out you don’t know what is going through the other person’s mind. May be you are pushing them in a void where the step from certainty to uncertainty is conveniently possible. We tend to create a vacuum through which nothing can pass, no feelings, emotions, nothing. It gets so opaque, most of the times you can’t even peep in later. And then there are times we talk so much that there is nothing left for the imagination, or for further conversation, thereby coming to an abrupt halt.

But how do you ensure to put in the right amount of ingredients in your day to day life? Are you rational enough? So many questions! Well, for the time being, remember the faces that came before your eyes a few moments back? Take my advice: Go, forgive them right away. And don’t forget to let them know. Don’t choke yourself not doing something you really want to do. The worst that will happen is you’ll be proved wrong. Although I hope it doesn’t go wrong but even if it does, won’t it be a lot more comforting to know that you tried.

On the same note, if you know it’s a hopeless case, forgive yourself and move on. There is so much more to life. Why are you drawing the curtains and sitting in the dark when you can be doing almost anything? Well, almost! Why do I see winter setting in your heart? In a few months the flowers would begin to bloom outside. When will your spring come?