Letter to my Son

[On her son’s birthday while he was in college, she wrote him a letter. Today, on his 50th birthday, he reminisced the last 33 years and how those words had made him what he was. That was the best gift his mom had given him.]   Dear Son, Happy Birthday! Hope you liked the presents. … [Read more…]

Just Another Thought – 2

Back to Delhi, my tryst with the Delhi Metro is yet again in action. This public transport presents various insights to eyes that try to soak it all wherever they go, whatever they see. Of late, the subjects of my interest were mothers and daughters who travelled together, huddling in ever increasing, swiftly changing, of … [Read more…]


I am the one. Who dances in your baraat to entertain you. And make myself a spectacle. You try to come close to me and touch me. You seek entertainment out of me, not my dance. And pass lewd remarks on me. You, the ones in suits – prim and proper. While I dance, you … [Read more…]